Economarks goals and missions

Our mission is to provide accessible scientific tools and knowledge in order to analyze current environmental, ecological and social phenomena around the globe.

We would like to encourage a change in society’s approach to social, environmental, spatial, and ecological important events.

Our history:

The comapny was established in 2018 as an ecologocal media website. Our intention was to bring scientific knowlegde to broader audience  and to stimulate lively discussions in the hopes to create social change in the world around us.

Our company goals:


To increase public awareness and create public debate on environmental issues.


We want to integrate science into the research of different product’s impact on the environment.


We are interested in helping streamline production processes to reduce environmental Impact.

The best eco Certificate that works for you.

Our Timeline


Dr. Maor Kohn

Ph.D. in Geography, with specialization in Environment and public health from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. M.a. in Geopolitics and B.A in Political Science. A Society and Environment lecturer.

Dr. Mati Cohen

Ph.D. in Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, specializing in structural biology, cancer research, gene therapy and pharmacology.

Ido drob

Managing and operating companies, businesses and global brands in the retail and wholesale market. In key management roles as COO, VP Business Development and CEO.

Gil Schindler

MBA, BSc in Biology and BA in Computer Science. Vast experience in R&D and Business positions.