Economarks Eco-Label.

The best Eco Certificate that works for you.

Economarks Eco label certification is class A certificate, and gives your organization the best ROI.

Our experts created the optimal process which enabeles us to verify whether the examined product or company is entiteled to earn an Economarks Eco label.

When the process is finished, the client gets a report stating its current status and the ways it can improve. 


Who can get  Economarks Ecolablel Certification?

Economarks Ecolablel Certification is given to products, shops, malls, factories, companies and offices. 


Getting theEconomarks Ecolablel Certification requiers five sinple steps:

The client fills out a questionnaire.

A personal meeting with the client.

The research phase.

Examining all data provided by the customer and completing deficiencies. 

Submitting a summary report to the client.


  • The proccess takes about 2 – 5 weeks.